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10.01.2018 21:40:59
Работает отлично. Советую.
10.01.2018 0:58:51
03.01.2018 22:09:57
29.12.2017 17:21:35
Товар не доставлен, хотя продавец заявляет об обратном.
Очень долго отвечает, не может адекватно объяснить ход действий...
13.12.2017 11:27:17
Товар не доставлен, хотя продавец заявляет об обратном.
06.12.2017 10:43:22
25.10.2017 23:03:13
Super spasibo bolwoe
19.10.2017 10:28:55
Чпасибо разлочили!
11.10.2017 10:22:33
05.10.2017 0:43:14
I´ve used them several times. A bit slow in response but good.
I´m happy.
25.08.2017 10:23:02
22.08.2017 22:47:47
22.08.2017 22:09:36
Good unlock service
22.08.2017 21:07:25
14.08.2017 2:29:44
very fast and accurate
01.08.2017 19:04:53
Why in my report there is no information about visits to the BMW dealer? In the sample of your reports this information is present.It is possible to distribute VIN without your help! In connection with the inconsistency of the presented service, I demand a refund of money! Either submit the promised information!
30.07.2017 13:46:05
13.07.2017 19:41:30
I paid for this service and I did not receive anything.I tried to get in touch with the seller but they do not respond. I would like to apply for a refund.
Thank you!

Later edit: Seller got back to me with the product I ordered after my review. They said they had technical issues.
07.07.2017 20:22:13
Отлично . Спасибо !!!
22.06.2017 12:47:58
Good joob
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