Registered: 19.07.2016
Rating: 68

Positive responses: 7880
Negative responses: 498

Sold: 53856
Refunds: 1069

21.05.2019 14:23:04
account is expired!
20.05.2019 9:56:42
account information given by the seller is not correct.
he has a rough style.
delayed in making a return
20.05.2019 6:37:20
Супер говнище данные не подошли и нихера не поменяли не покупайте
19.05.2019 3:34:38
I couldn´t even log in to the account because the password was wrong.
18.05.2019 16:22:40
Все работает, замечательно!
17.05.2019 15:31:07
Don´t buy from this guy. He´s responsing late, and accounts passwords are changing too fast. 2 weeks past and I still couldn´t login to my account.
14.05.2019 6:09:03
CHEAP SCAMMER !!! They send the same account to many people and when you ask for another account they will tell you that it´s your fault and you are the one responsible.
Worst seller i have ever met ! SCAMER

12.05.2019 22:18:38
Horrible service, they´re telling me I violated some rule when I didn´t. They gave an account to log in to, I logged in and started downloading FIFA 19 then went straight outside. Came back after an hour to see i´´ve been logged out and the password was changed.. they are refusing to back their 2 month warranty guarantee and making up fake stories so, I would either like a refund or FIFA 19.
This is what they´re saying "The check showed a data change, which is prohibited and indicated in the description." what data change??? I don´t even have access to the email I don´t understand..
12.05.2019 20:26:00
не выдают замену, когда неверные данные! не покупайте, жду возврат
11.05.2019 16:17:28
06.05.2019 23:23:23
We solved our problem. He answered my question very lately. But he gave me a promo code for apology. Good seller.
06.05.2019 1:16:11
new acc pls i cant entery
05.05.2019 22:17:25
05.05.2019 14:53:27
04.05.2019 22:03:03
Развод все это ,ничего здесь не покупайте. Аккаунт ненадолго, его заблокируют , а продавец вас кинет.
03.05.2019 1:10:47
Продавец хороший, не кидок, сперва попался аккаунт с баном в фифе(типа нельзя онлайн играть вообще), заменил оперативно
01.05.2019 15:55:33
Доволен товаром
30.04.2019 22:04:16
Nice seller
30.04.2019 20:09:16
great product!
28.04.2019 20:09:41
продавец заменил аккаунт,аккаунт рабочий,спасибо
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