Registered: 10.02.2016
Rating: 55

Positive responses: 1190
Negative responses: 76

Sold: 6430
Refunds: 174

23.09.2018 16:28:06
i can not change mail!!!
23.09.2018 15:32:43
Seller replaced acc as first wasn´t working. Good seller. Would recommend
23.09.2018 5:41:16
Seller doesnt answer messages i want refund
21.09.2018 19:28:36
The seller changed the account. Everything is good
19.09.2018 14:52:57
Replacement doesnt work either. Refund please.
19.09.2018 14:25:54
I bought GTA v account and all went perfectly.. although when he gave me the replacement the account was good, was inactive for 5 years but all of a sudden the account pass was changed after an hour passed...
18.09.2018 20:00:26
18.09.2018 19:55:56
So I got into the GTA V account I bought from you and got to play a couple of times. but then I suddenly couldn´t play anymore. So could I get my money back? or get a Minecraft account replacement for this one?
17.09.2018 22:17:25
Everything is ok.
17.09.2018 14:27:17
i bought 2 accounts before 1 years and still fine , and i bought new one today to change name and work also , best seller and legit .
16.09.2018 21:59:44
the description on how to activate is not clear, especially for people who own the origional copy of the game already, ofcrours you need to make a new account (which i did) and then had to redownload the launcher and install it. the game then asks me to enter a activation code for the game and seller doenst understand a single thing, he will say that its activated for him. the seller will say to delete your entire game because he says its a bug and reinstall after (doenst work). bad service bad information bad description on how to play online. has no warrenty and doenst give money back. IN OTHER WORDS DO NOT BUY FROM HIM. and once again 1 more chance to deposit my money back or i will not remove my review on how bad you are in service.
16.09.2018 0:25:18
Все отлично
15.09.2018 23:51:31
Всё узасно дают чужие аккаунты купил зашол скачал какойто фаил и всё ктото поменял пороль и я немогу войти возращять деньги никто нихочет УЖАСНО НЕ ПОКУПАЙТЕ ЗДЕСЬ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
13.09.2018 22:34:45
13.09.2018 18:23:36
12.09.2018 1:55:39
the seller gave me an account, the next day the account did not work and I did not go in, I told him to tell me why he does not change email, and it is due to lack of time, then he does not deign to respond. bad experience do not buy
10.09.2018 20:34:02
Very good, The seller responds fast
09.09.2018 17:03:54
всё гуд
08.09.2018 14:10:04
06.09.2018 18:58:41
So Good! :)
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