Registered: 24.11.2015
Rating: 26

Positive responses: 8252
Negative responses: 84

Sold: 79810
Refunds: 911

WMID: 158462934092
Skype: lonelli-s

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19.02.2019 22:43:16
the credentials are wrong please help me
19.02.2019 18:40:12
very good seller
18.02.2019 17:49:26
Был неактивный аккаунт, попросил о замени и всё заменили)
18.02.2019 15:56:35
17.02.2019 20:18:54
жаль что акк общий (((((
зайти может кто угодно((
17.02.2019 16:11:37
stopped working
17.02.2019 16:08:14
Спс за наеб
16.02.2019 18:24:03
thanks account is working
16.02.2019 15:13:51
someone else is in the account
16.02.2019 15:09:52
account restored after few days
16.02.2019 8:24:41
Worst seller eveeer dont buy it
He gave me 3 accounts but after few hours she changed password
Dont buy itttt !!!!
She is scammer kid
15.02.2019 21:40:38
what the f**king point in changinge secret if you cant change anything else its freacking bull crap
15.02.2019 9:44:05
Didn´t gave me a replacement but still..... , I recommend you guys to record your screen or you won´t get a replacement even if you are right. The seller is a good guy though
15.02.2019 0:48:42
хочу подарок
14.02.2019 18:58:58
Good Seller
14.02.2019 17:27:47
14.02.2019 14:21:48
very good.thanks
14.02.2019 14:21:16
very good.thanks
14.02.2019 4:43:40
Возникли проблемы с аккаунтом, но продавец пошёл на встречу и своевременно решил проблему. Советую
13.02.2019 23:11:56
Dont Working!
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