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The fascinating story of the Far East-tale writer Tamara Chinarevoy tells about the life of a large and happy family goose and about the amazing adventures of the youngest of its representative - gosling Gavryusha. For preschool and early school age.
File format Word. Excerpt: "... The day goose family decided to go to the spring fair. Rather, the Pope decided Gagate. Gamache, as always, agreed with him. And Goslings - those just waiting for this day. They laughed with joy, ran, jumped and made such a hullabaloo in the apartment, which overturned a vase of flowers. Because of this, Dad Gagate almost changed his mind to go to the fair. He even went to the office, leafed through a book about raising geese, but then came out and told him to get dressed ... "Download: Tamara Chinareva. Bird Lane, Building 1.
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