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1. Decision to open a criminal case and taking it to the production

2. report the discovery of evidence of a crime

3. The protocol inspection of the scene

4. The decision on the recognition of victims

5. The record of the interrogation of the victim

6. Resolution on the recognition of civil plaintiff

7. The record of the interrogation of the witness

8. Report on the arrest of the suspect

9. The detention of the suspect

10. Transcript of interrogation of the suspect

11. Minutes of the identification parade

12. Minutes of the presentation of the subject for identification

13. Minutes of inspection objects

14. Decision on indictment

15. Transcript of interrogation of the accused

16. Minutes of the notification of termination of investigation

17. Minutes of familiarization with the case of the accused

18. Protocol acquaintance of the victim with the criminal case

19. The indictment

20. The list of persons to be summoned to court

21. Help
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