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Purchasing, sharing a script in PHP, you´ll get an archive file of the software. After unpacking on the server will be enough to type the address of the site and begin a step by step process of installing the script.

The right image shows the form of sharing download file after downloading files page appears with a link to download the file (shown in the screenshot on average) and when downloading a file from a server using the page shown in the third image below.

Description script sharing:

- Easy installer script file sharing;

- Configure various settings during the installation of the script (maximum file size, number of files processed command CRON);

- The maximum file size depends on the web server configuration (approximately 50 MB).

- Upload files to the server users.

- Download files from the server to users.

- Statistics of the number of downloading and uploading files for the current day.

- Statistics of traffic downloaded and uploaded files for the current day.

- Deleting files with CRON.

To enable the automatic removal of the panel should be set up in the script cron.php hosting schedule. To do this, create a new task and specify the path to the script being executed. For this script file exchanger is given such a line:

cd / home / polnyy_put_k_kornevoy_papke_vashego_sayta / && / opt / php / bin / php -c /home/put_k_php_ini/php.ini / home / polnyy_put_k_skriptu / cron.php

As the interval of the script, you can specify to run every hour (at your option).


October 3, 2012 - Addition of detailed instructions for installing the script sharing FileExchange
Technical requirements with hosting:

- PHP 5;

- MySQL 4.1 and above;

- .htaccess

View in action script file exchanger here:

License agreement:
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Все отлично работает!
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