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After payment you will immediately receive a key to activate the game Aliens vs Predator (Alien vs. Predator) in the Steam and the inclusion of all network functions of the game. Each buyer has left positive feedback on this product Aliens vs. Predator will receive an individual activation key one of the games STEAM AS A GIFT !!!

Only here you will get a guaranteed gift for every purchase and review !!! And not just any cheap game like most sellers, and the game to choose from more than 20 offers !!!

OBLIGATORY: to recall not forget to write a request to obtain !!! Gifts are sent within 1-2 working days. Please check the spam folder, maybe our letter got there. Not participating resellers with a personalized discount of 5% or more.

In addition, we are launching a campaign for our loyal customers. For every 5 purchase of any goods made by the sellerMediaSoft, since 1 December 2011 the buyer gets to choose one of the games from the STEAM company "New Disc" and "1C": RaceOn, Lost Planet Extreme Condition, Prey, Scourge Project, Shatter. Cooperate, buy your friends and get your prize !!! The main condition - for all purchases you have to post reviews.

For any questions related to the holding of shares, please contact the seller. The shares are not participating resellers with a personalized discount of 5% or more. The number of keys is limited, the seller reserves the right at the end of promotional key to stop the action.

Key Aliens vs. Predator has no regional restrictions, key Region Free and suitable for the activation of any country. Yazykm: Russian, English and other (more on the page to the incentive).

Aliens vs. Predator - The new thriller from renowned developer - the company Rebellion, in 1999 issued the famous game in which people, Aliens and Predators first came together in an uncompromising battle.

The battle continues - different forms of life come back in an uncompromising struggle. In Aliens vs Predator players wait three exciting story campaign, as well as an unforgettable multiplayer battles, in which each race will be able to take advantage of its unique tactics.

Insidious fate has brought people in Aliens vs. Predator, aliens and predators on the planet BG-386, where the colonists discovered a mysterious ancient pyramid, belonging race of ruthless hunters. The legitimate owners of the construction was sent to the BG-386 unit, which must at all costs prevent people open a sealed tomb.

Aliens vs. Players Predator will be at the epicenter of a violent struggle, where some are trying to survive, others try to save the universe, and still others just hunt!

In the domestic edition of the game Aliens vs. Predator is presented entirely in Russian.

MediaSoft - 14 years! The quality of time-tested!

Aliens vs Predator - Steam Region Free

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05.04.2017 0:08:24
Отличный продавец, всё быстро и честно! Спасибо большое!
06.03.2017 11:16:48
Отлично! Игра пришла моментом. Спасибо что Вы есть! Был бы благодарен за подарок.
16.01.2017 5:37:08
Игра отличная, советую! Продавец надёжный! (Хочу подарок!)
10.01.2017 12:26:33
Всё хорошо, работает. Хотелось бы подарочек получить:)
12.12.2016 19:14:27
Всё активировалось, рекомендую
09.11.2016 15:03:42
Excellent added you on skype
03.11.2016 11:55:14
Всё супер быстро спасибо вам)надеюсь подарок будет)
19.07.2016 18:40:55
Все пришло большое спасибо!(Хочу подарок!)
12.06.2016 17:06:36
Очень хороший продавец и товары хорошие без ОБМАНА СПАСИБО ВАМ):)
08.06.2016 2:49:38
Thank You one more time ^_^
08.06.2016 2:49:11
Thanks again!
08.06.2016 2:48:47
Thank You!
29.05.2016 15:38:00
Всё пашет.
01.05.2016 21:54:16
Всё отлично!
10.04.2016 9:36:17
05.04.2016 5:10:16
игра пришла моментально! спасибо! жду подарок :)
18.03.2016 16:46:40
Подарок получил без проблем. Большое спасибо продавцу! Хочу подарок
22.12.2015 21:41:57
Спасибо за игру, хотелось бы подарок))
22.12.2015 20:46:04
Спасибо игру получил, жду подарка)))
06.11.2015 22:11:11

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