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BolshoyTUDU - It TODO, from the usual TODO BolshoyTUDU different than here:

Ability to synchronize across multiple computers

Huge comfortable letters

Glamorous Design

Very easy to use

You will not find a menu, no options, nothing but the Tudu list that you need to do.

I am an author and consultant on the effective use of the computer and wrote all that it sees fit.

For more information on the page:
Use a program like this:

Record it in any folder if you want to synchronize data between the TODO list of multiple machines, you have to record the program in a folder DropBox ( - where you can create).

Data files (and there are 2 pieces, to-do list and the list of cases already made) will be automatically created in the same folder and will be synchronized.

The program will automatically load the update BolshoyTUDU if they show up.

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