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MegaWeb # 1 - I present the first issue of the magazine is offline «Mega Web». Magazine readers interesting material present in the form of easy to read, as well as the material that will improve the knowledge on how to use Photoshop and share the unique experience of working with Internet projects. The magazine includes several sections, each of which reflects a part of the magazine. These sections will help readers not only to learn and acquire knowledge and gain experience for the desired activity.

Section 1. Photoshop, this section will present author lessons in two languages \u200b\u200b(angl.i rus.yaz) .Uroki will be written by the most understandable for users even with minimal knowledge.

Section 2. Web HTML- contains copyrighted articles on programming languages \u200b\u200bused for the contents.

Section 3. Soft | Hard dedicated software and computer hardware, this section will provide information in the form of a detailed analysis of the specific model.

Section 4. Humor - section of humor and smiles.

Soon it plans to split Leach sites in this section on living examples of sites readers will understand the mistakes that will be accompanied by recommendations. If you wish to write or participate in the life of the magazine can always turn to the chief editor.
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