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1001 contract for all occasions: patterns and practices

This book is a collection of a large number of standard contracts used in modern commercial practice and personal subjects. Also provides practice questions of application of these types of contracts are typical mistake that during their detention, as well as legal advice on contract.

Format: DOC

Released: 2008

Size: 800 KB (WinRAR archives)

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structure: 22 chapters (example content of the chapters is given on Chapter 2 "agreements in the banking sector", the contents of the other chapters is almost the same)

Chapter 1. The author's contract

Chapter 2 of the Treaty in the area of \u200b\u200bbanking services

2.1. Standard agreements in the banking sector

The contract of bank deposit (deposit)

Account Agreement

2.2. Characteristics of certain types of agreements in the field of banking

Contract demand deposit

The contract term deposit

Deposit Agreement to a third party

Contract bank guarantee

Equipment lease

The contract for the production and maintenance of payroll bank cards

The contract for credit and settlement services

Agreement on foreign exchange loan

Agreement on the provision for the use and maintenance of personal credit card

The contract for cash services Settlement Centre

Agreement on the Conservation of commercial and banking secrecy bank officer

Contract for settlement and cash services

Contract financing receivable financing

Contract financing (investments)

Trust Deed on the management of funds

2.3. Mistakes made in preparation contracts

2.4. Tips lawyers on complex issues in contracts

2.5. The practice of agreements

Chapter 3. Leases

Chapter 4. Contracts Commission

Chapter 5. Contracts

Chapter 6. Contracts of carriage

Chapter 7. Contracts Freight Forwarding

Chapter 8. The contracts assignments and sureties

Chapter 10 Contracts donation

Chapter 11. Sales contracts

Chapter 12. Credit Agreements

Chapter 13 of the Service Agreement

Chapter 14 Contracts Delivery

Chapter 15. annuity contract

Chapter 16 Storage Contracts

Chapter 17: Insurance Contracts

Chapter 18 Employment contracts

Chapter 19. Loan Agreements

Chapter 20. Pledge Agreement

Chapter 21. The constituent contract

Chapter 22. Certain types of contracts

Agreement on the provision of care to servicemen

Housing contract for the provision of the service serviceman premises

Agreement on the transfer of the child (ren) to a foster family

Agreement on stationary services for the elderly and disabled

Agreement on the mutual responsibility of the institution and the person living in a student dormitory

Agreement on the provision of tax credit

Agreement on provision of investment tax credit

Agreement on training

The agreement (contract) for the execution of expert works

The contract on dissemination of information

Agency Agreement for the repair of fixed assets

Simple partnership agreement (joint venture)

The agreement on assignment of the claim

The agreement on transfer of debt

The contract for the tolling operations

Treaty of personnel for cleaning (outsourcing)

Agreement providing for the protection of personnel (outsourcing)

Agreement on the establishment of the farm

The agreement on assignment of a trademark

Adhesion contract

The merger agreement Company

The contract audit services

The agreement of commercial concession (franchising)

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