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Standard tables are used Sivtseva and Landolt. These tables are designed to determine the visual acuity at a distance of 5 meters. For the average rate is considered to be the visual acuity of 1.0 (the tenth row of the table) .For visual acuity 1.0 take the visual acuity in which people distinguish two points of the angular distance between them is 1 '. Based on this principle is calculated standard table Sivtseva visual acuity at a distance of 5 meters. In the use of modern clinics Projectors optotypes, in this case, the angular separation is observed regardless of the distance at which proetsiruyutsya signs, but it is recommended to do further three meters in the visual acuity for distance, because in this case, the eye focuses on infinity. It should be noted that the data in the table are designed for visual acuity at a maximum contrast of black and white different optotypes for visual acuity may vary slightly ...

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