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· Almost unmistakable translation transliterated into Cyrillic text using the powerful artificial intelligence algorithms.

· The correct translation of Cyrillic transliteration based on the Russian-language writing angloizmov, names and abbreviations.

· Transcoding between WIN, KOI, ISO, DOS, MAC. You can specify a sequence of several conversions.

· Saving versions, resulting in the succession of encoding (change history). Ability to view and return to any version. The ability to visually compare this text with any of the previous versions.

· Repeatedly decoding coded messages to 6 nesting levels. The program uses a heuristic evaluation in order to reduce search time and cut off the branches of dead-busting.

· Translation of letters came in a seven bit plain text (eg = A7 = B0 = D9 = FF)

· Recover Text from RTF-code.

· Transfer from UNICODE to ANSI and back again.
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