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William H. Bates improve vision without glasses METHOD Bates.

MARGARET. D. Corbett HOW TO PURCHASE good vision without glasses. Guide to the rapid improvement in vision.

Introducing the reader a collection of "Improving vision without glasses." The purpose of the edition - the professionals and a wide range of readers with the most interesting research problems of recovery of natural methods, especially special exercises.

Two books of American ophthalmologists, complement each other perfectly. The author of the first book - William Horatio Bates is considered the ancestor of the whole movement, dubbed "beytsizm." He developed a new method for the prevention and treatment of common disorders of view, as nearsightedness, farsightedness, so-called senile vision, astigmatism and strabismus.

The bulk of the book Dr. Bates takes account of the theoretical study of the problem. A Practical Guide to the rapid improvement of detail given in the second book included in the collection. Its author - Margaret Darst Corbett, a student of Dr. Bates.

Collection of very accurately named - "Improving vision without glasses," it underscores that the method of Dr. Bates, in some cases does not guarantee a rapid and full recovery, but this method is widely used around the world testifies to its high efficiency.

A number of aspects of the problem dealt with in brief comments written separately for each book. Professional terms used by the authors, additional information obtained from the analysis of foreign and domestic literature on the given subject-Term included in the text and make the book accessible to the general reader.

The contents of the first book

1. Theory and facts

2. Retinoscopy

3. The truth about accommodation

4. Impermanence refraction

5. give us points

6. Causes and treatment of refractive errors

7. Voltage

8. Central locking

9. Palming

10. Remembering how to help visually impaired

11. visualizations as an aid to vision

12. Moving and rocking

13. Illusions of

14. The vision in adverse conditions

15. Optima and pessimum

16. Presbyopia: Its Cause and Treatment

17. Strabismus and Amblyopia: reason for their penetration-WHO

18. Strabismus and Amblyopia: Their Treatment

19. Floating particles: their causes and treatment

20. Home Treatment

21. Treatment in schools: methods of Hope Betrayed

22. Treatment in schools: the methods that brought success

23. Mind and vision

24. The basic principles of treatment


The content of the second book


1. Basic principles of relaxation for all

2. How does the normal eye

3. Nearsightedness, or myopia

4. How to prevent senile view

5. Fast reading

6. Improvement of school

7. Strabismus

8. Special problems of

9. The severity of the condition and poor eyesight

10. Conclusion

11. Questions and Answers


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