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If time does not take action, then it is progressing myopia, which can lead to serious irreversible changes in the eye and a significant loss of vision. And as a consequence - partial or total disability.

Recent studies have greatly enlarged and deepened understanding of the mechanics of the origin of myopia. As stated, myopia occurs most often in children and adults with insufficient physical development. This allows you to re-evaluate the value of physical culture in the prevention of myopia and its progression.

The development of myopia also contributes to the weakening of the eye muscles. This deficiency can be corrected with the help of a specially designed set of physical exercises designed to strengthen the muscles. As a result, the process of progression of myopia often stops or slows down.

Limit physical activity of persons suffering from myopia, as recommended until recently, it is now recognized as wrong. However, excessive exercise can have an adverse effect on the health of short-sighted people.

Myopia progresses appears most often in cases where children and adults violate normal visual work, work on the computer for long hours (without interruption) to read, especially in the supine position, in low light or in a moving vehicle, as well as doing enough exercise not train the eye muscles.

Weakened eye accommodation promotes acute respiratory, chronic and infectious diseases. Therefore, the issue of prevention of these diseases should be a concern not only physicians, but also to every person.

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