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"Financial analysis" allows to carry out a comprehensive analysis of the fin. (Buch.) According to reports of the company forms №1 and №2, OS, employees, accounts payable and receivable, taken from other forms of reporting and analysis boo. accounting.

The program allows you to analyze new forms of reporting (Ministry of Finance Order dated 22.07.2003 №67n.), And automatically transform the old order from 13.01.2000 № 4N.

Financial analysis 3.0 allows you to:

-Translation into English reporting form and the coefficients;

seeing-horizontal and vertical analysis reports;

-prognozirovanie Articles 1 and 2 forms of balance for the next period;

-calculation over 50 financial ratios;

-about 40 analytical tables;

-prognoz reporting and coefficients for the next period;

-Reytingovaya Express - assessment of fin. state.

-Calculation According to the procedures for the credit assessment of the enterprise.

-Analysis Of changes in the structure of balance in abs. expression over time, the percentage in abs. in terms of the dynamics of inflation.

-Analysis Ageregirovannogo balance abs. terms, adjusted for inflation, and without it.

-Analysis Fin. stability of the organization of abs. and rel. indicators.

-Analysis Of profitability, solvency, business activity

-Calculation Indicators movement and operating system.

-Calculation Break-even point

-Analysis Deb. and credit. debt

-Calculation Of methods estimate the probability of bankruptcy or other approved methods

-Analysis Effect Fin. lever.

The number of periods of analysis varies from 3 to 24.

The coefficients in accordance with:

-Postanovleniem Government Decree № 367 of 25.06.2003 r "On approval of rules of arbitration manager of financial analysis";

and methodical instructions to analyze the financial situation of the Federal Service for Financial Recovery and Bankruptcy (Order of January 23, 2001 №16).

"Financial analysis" has been successfully used for the analysis of arbitration managing financial condition of enterprises in the course of bankruptcy proceedings, which saves money on outsourcing analysts.
Building on the basis of Excel allows you to use the full power of this office suite and customize the program to their specific needs analyst and the analyzed company.
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