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This book has really helped many people quit smoking forever! It is not a miracle! Just book tears the eyes of people on a fairly ordinary things .... but the eyes are not a smoker!

Author Karen Rodriguez
Now you can enjoy life as a happy non-smoker. To ensure success, you need to follow simple instructions:

1. Keep the book handy. Do not lose it, do not give any time or forever.

2. If ever you begin to envy the other smokers, remember that he will envy you. He suffered, not you.

3. Remember that you do not have liked to be a smoker, why you stopped smoking. Now you enjoy what became a non-smoker.

4. Keep in mind that the concept of "just one cigarette" - does not exist.

5. Under no circumstances will not question his decision never to smoke. You know that this is the right decision.

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