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The latest system of Web tools, written from scratch, has been tested and no bug found.

Here is what is included in the utility:

1) Sniffer (sniffer 2 + admin panel).

2) Password Generator (or numbers or symbols, different registers).

3) Meta Tag Generator.

4) encryption / decryption of data:

Encode - Base64

Decode - Base64

Encrypt - CRC32

Encrypt - MD5

Encrypt - SHA1

Encrypt - Igpay Atinlay

Encrypt - DES

Dec - Bin

Bin - Dec

Dec - Hex

Hex - Dec

Hex - Bin

Bin - Hex





ISO-8859 - UTF-8

UTF-8 - ISO-8859

WIN-1251 - ISO-8859

ISO-8859 - WIN-1251



WIN-1251 - KOI8-R

KOI8-R - WIN-1251

WIN-1251 - X-CP866

X-CP866 - WIN-1251

ISO-8859 - KOI8-R

KOI8-R - ISO-8859

Encode URL

Decode URL

Cyrillic - transliteration

Translit - Cyrillic

Encode - HTML table

Decode - HTML table

Encode - l33t 5p34k 3nc0d3

Decode - l33t 5p34k 3nc0d3

Convert - Un-Pig Latin

Convert - Backwards

5) Check for anonymity (SP Shows the referee, browser and so on, the proxy computes worn.

6) Whois.

7) Check PR and TIC of any site.

8) HTML color table. (Table with the color code).

9) "Web master" it is up to you at will, people will be able to remotely use a couple of your functions on hosts where no support for php.

Example script -
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