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Vincent Burnelli 50 out of past 69 years he devoted to the development of aircraft using the principle of carrying the fuselage. Let many of his models did not have showy forms, but were very functional. Burnelli basic idea was that the fuselage having a shape formed by airfoils due to the high surface area can provide up to 50% of the total aircraft elevating force that it would give a better performance than conventional aircraft circuits and higher performance security.

Unlike many designers who conducted the study of aerodynamic characteristics of the aircraft with the lifting fuselage, Burnelli able to carry out most of its projects, which gave him the opportunity to practice and not in theory to test their own ideas.

Many of the projects presented Burnelli another 40 - 50 years of XX century have been applied much later, in the well-known models of aircraft as fighters F-14 and F-15, B-2 bombers and promising project BWB MD and Boeing.

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