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Dictionary of the Russian language (set of common, special and borrowed vocabulary synonymous with rows), version 4.1, 293 thousand. Words 1205 thousand. Interpretations.

Author: B. Trishin.

The proposed multi-functional electronic dictionary.

It can be used as a spelling dictionary

check the spelling of words, especially in the preparation of

documents include elaborate and borrowed word

special terms. It can also be used as a dictionary

Synonyms for the search related words. Exhaustive

Synonyms series allows to specify the value of the unknown

Tags, i.e. partly fulfilled the functions of a glossary.

They can use it as a guide and experts on different

branches of knowledge to find the right information. In the dictionary and

kind of bookish references words arranged in alphabetical order, and

If you do not remember exactly how formalized the right word, then

You have to review completely all the dictionary or reference book.

\u003cb\u003eThe electronic dictionary can also look for the search term

generalized concept; for example, a query for "fish" will give in

alphabetical list of 408 names of different fish on

the word "mushroom" - 113, the "capital" - the name of the 222 existing and

former capitals, "explosives" - 70 "goddess" - 137, etc.\u003c/b\u003e

Corrected enhanced paid version 4.1 of the dictionary (293 thousand.

words 1205 thousand. interpretations) is divided into 18 packed files

(File size approximately 1.0-1.2 MB) to facilitate

Download User Dictionary modem (dialup)

compound. The first 17 files to the site

\u003ca href= class=target target=_blank\u003e\u003c/a\u003e and free to download. 18th file

( posted online store System

operable in the presence of all 18-and files. Members with

high-speed communication link to download the first 17 files

as a single compressed file.

Trishin VN for the creation of the dictionary was awarded the 2005 "Honorary Order of Vladimir Dal."

In 2006, the dictionary recognized as a record achievement by the Association "Russian record."

Detailed description on page

\u003ca href= class=target target=_blank\u003e\u003c/a\u003e
In version 4.1 implemented a collaboration with Word.

As request parameters are used:

"The beginning of the word", "word fragment", "word endings", "part

speech "," the number of synonyms (interpretations) of the word. "

Dictionary database includes not only technical word

content. More than thirteen years, it is enriched with words from

dictionaries and reference books in all fields of knowledge, from astronomy

to Japanese painting. In compiling the dictionary were

used published dictionaries: spelling,

synonyms, idiomatic synonyms, intelligent,

Church Slavonic words, foreign words, slang (except

obviously profanity), etc.
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