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System NO-LIMITS, all affiliate programs are already included!

How to earn $ 100 a day?

Why use a script?

- The system allows you to create a theme site with news, videos, pictures and etc., with

know programming languages \u200b\u200bare not necessarily the system works immediately after installation.

- The script helps you to create niche sites (DORA NOT !!!) with videos, images, tags, site map and etc.

- Enough to include an affiliate program and start to make a profit today!

- Any questions raised and concerns promptly reshayutsya support. You do not need

I worry that something will go wrong all the problems will be solved for you by us.

What could the script?

- Script support affiliate Umaxsearch, Klikvip, 3fn, Peackclick, Adsense, AdBrite, Begun

- Ability to insert banners or any affiliate codecs, frames, banners and etc.

- The script may update the stored news and update them as they crawl bots or people

- Sohranyayutsya themed pictures and videos

- Exempting case of keywords and tags for the trail of the proposals

- RSS news conclusion to ping in blogs

- Calendars updates

- Attendance log, and create new topics

- Conclusion affiliate descending Bida

- Demonstration of how the bid RATE

- Setting the maximum number of ads to display

- Integration of any code

- Changing the design and arrangement of the elements on the fly through a template system

- The system of protection against bots eaters traffic

- The system of protection against pests words

- Ability to create menu vlozhennnoe

- View Video users


- System ANTI banana to bypass checking for dynamic site! (Switched off)

Use words that dobavlyaetsya all internal links, and without this word gives 404.

What? Google and etc. loves Suva Viagra122131 and get answers concludes is not in favor of the site.


- The system of linking to those who wish, free of charge (switched off)

Integrated opportunity to link their sites to hope in the proportion of 100: 90 Free


How is it better?

- The script uses MySQL database to store all data in a txt file

- You do not need to know programming in general that he began to work

- The data can be used on any number of domains, even remotely

- Choose affiliate is not limited, you can use all at once at the same time

- A bottomless pit of different thematic content autoreload

- Self-defense against potential threats bots, bots spies pests

- He is better than doorway? This is not a doorway themed website White 8-)

- Open Source, transparent opportunity to do it yourself as you want

- Each module will have you in the short term is limited by author

Setting up script:

- After pouring over hosting it immediately works!

- Register configuration (very basic), set up affiliate

- Re-design

Getting Started:

- The script is running and check all like 8-)

- Linkuem it convenient ways forward and bots


- Actually, I have long abandoned doorways and what you want ...

- Stable income from $ 100 a day from affiliate programs ...

Passing traffic in your links!

The demo script with news, videos ...:

Support and any revision of the script of your choice!

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