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I present you the book, whose purpose - to assist you in implementing your dream house, the cottage, garage, annexe ... She tells how, without difficulties, to produce a variant of hand-mixer. But this is not just a description of the characteristics and parameters of this irreplaceable assistant builder with a couple of general sketches. This is a detailed step by step guide to action, with lots of colorful illustrations, with which you will not be difficult to make a concrete mixer not only for themselves but also for sale than you recoup the costs of production, by the way, is not great, but what to conceal, will with good broth ... illustrations contained in the book will help to better understand the principle of operation and manufacture betonomeshalki.Konstruktsiya not fastidious to use, does not contain seals, which are known to permanently wear and clogged, preventing, in this case, the normal operation.

Mixer is easy to repeat and can be made by any who knows how to handle a hammer and ... welding derzhak

Bonus №1 Selection of references on the web Reus about concrete mixers and everything attendant.

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