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The demonstration can be viewed at

This demo script installed with the updated database.

To work in the supply includes API with which you can:

Generate a new version of the database based on

Perform a search based on the compiled database (GeoIpCity)

Learning ID or city name.

Get the code for the city by IP

ru_city_code ($ ip, $ path = "./")

Name of the city code

ru_city_name ($ code)

Compile database

compile_base ($ path = "./")

FREE: You can download a trial version of the API license to localhost

After the Purchase of this product you will get a ticket to generate a license for a single domain. Use to get a license


1. You yourself can update the database ip address.

2. At the moment, the compiled database is about 900Kb (8MB against in its original form)

3. On average, the search server does not privyshaet 2 seconds a mile (about 20 requests a file of 10 bytes)

5. Does not require MySQL is still in the normal binary file

6. There is a demo version which can be used to evaluate the quality of the software

7. Hosting requirements: Zend and PHP
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