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An employment contract with the lead programmer

Astana, April 1, 2007

Company LLC "Native capital", hereinafter referred to as "Company", represented by Director Negodueva AA, acting under the Charter, on the one hand, and a rope Amangeldy Kadyrbaevich, hereinafter referred to as "employee" on the other hand, have concluded the present contract as follows:

1. Subject of Contract

The employee shall be employed in the company for the position of lead programmer to perform job duties related to work with customers to develop technology solutions at the stage of analysis of mathematical models and algorithms for solving problems, transformation specifications for Web design and position of the problems and procedures detailed logic algorithms coding in a programming language, the selection of a programming language and software for the task, the development of software products, performance of works on preparation software debugging and holding fixings, integration sites with "Bitrix Site Manager".


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