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To get a 3-month Discord Nitro, you need to add a payment method, then don´t forget to disable Autopayment.

ATTENTION !!! FOR THOSE PERSONS WHO HAVE ALREADY PREVIOUSLY ACTIVATED 3-month Discord Nitro Promotion from Game Pass Ultimate, this code will not work !!

To activate Discord Nitro, you do not need to have an active Nitro subscription

All keys are made manually and verified. There are no used ones. There is no refund.

After purchasing this product, you will receive a link to activate the Discord


Redeem by 16.02.2021
A Discord Nitro subscription gives users access to the following features:

*Set an animated GIF avatar.
*Ability to use animated emojis.
*The ability to use custom emojis everywhere (if the user has the right to use external emojis on the server).
*The maximum download size has been changed from 8 MB to 100 MB or 50 MB with Nitro Classic.
*Ability to display the screen in 720p 60fps or 1080p 30fps.
*Black & white badge Nitro badge in the profile.
*Ability to change your discriminator. (Note: if your Nitro subscription expires, your discriminator will be randomly selected.)
*Server boost to give your favorite server exclusive bonuses and a cool icon.
*A special icon in your profile that shows everyone that you support Discord.
24.10.2020 15:15:19
24.10.2020 15:15:03
23.10.2020 1:04:03
Все работает. Спасибо. / Everything works. Thx.
21.10.2020 10:39:51

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