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Founding and History

Project operating system Multics: failure with positive consequences

The appearance of the first edition of UNIX

Research UNIX

The first transfer of UNIX

Seventh edition

The emergence of the group of the University of Berkeley (BSD)

UNIX System III and the first commercial version of the system

AT & T System V Release 2 and Release 3

Basic concepts UNIX operating systems and basic system calls

Basic Concepts


User interface

Privileged User




I / O Redirection

The kernel of UNIX

The overall organization of the traditional UNIX kernel

Basic functions

Principles of interaction with the kernel

Principles interrupt

File system

The file system structure

Mounted file system

The interface with the file system

Species files

Regular files

Files directories

Special Files

Linking files with different names

Named Software Channels

Files are displayed in virtual memory

Synchronization with parallel access to files

Principles of protection

The user IDs and user groups

File Protection

Device Management

The device as a special file

Device Drivers

Internal and external device interfaces

The base of the networking activities

Streams (Streams)

The protocol stack TCP / IP

Software socket (Sockets)

Remote Procedure Call (RPC)

Distributed File System

Network File System (NFS)

Sharing deleted files (RFS)

The main functions and components of the core UNIX operating system

Memory Management

Virtual memory

Hardware-independent level memory management

Page replacement of main memory and swapping

Management processes and threads

Custom components and nuclear processes

Principles of organization of a multi-user mode

The traditional mechanism for process control at the user level

The concept of the thread (threads)

The approaches to the organization and management of threads in different versions of UNIX

I / O control

The principles of system buffering I / O

The system calls for I / O control

Block drivers

Character drivers

Streaming drivers

Interaction Process

Shared Memory


Message Queues

Software Channels

Software sockets (sockets)

Streams (streams)

Mobile Programming in the UNIX environment

Standard libraries

Library system calls

I / O library

Additional libraries

Header Files

Mobility at the source

Features of mobile programming in C

Ensuring the independence of the features of OS UNIX

Binary compatibility

Opportunities to achieve binary compatibility

Advantages and Limitations

Traditional means of an interactive user interface

Command languages \u200b\u200band shells

General characteristics of command languages

Basic features of family shells




Commands and Utilities

The organization team of UNIX

I / O redirection and organization of the conveyor

Built-in, library and custom commands

Programming command language

GUI tools

The X Window System as a basic means of graphical user interfaces in UNIX OS environment

General organization X-Window

The client and server

Basic Library

Development Tools GUIs

Package Motif

The language and the interpreter Tcl / Tk

The current state of UNIX

UNIX System V Release 4 and UnixWare

Systems based on System V Release 4

Solaris at Sun Microsystems

HP / UX of Hewlett-Packard, DG / UX of Data General, AIX, IBM

Santa Cruz Operation and SCO UNIX

Open Software Foundation and OSF-1

Free and commercial versions of UNIX BSD family

Other open-source versions of UNIX

Linux University of Helsinki
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