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By purchasing this product, you get a digital key for activation in Origin. This key does not contain regional restrictions and can be activated in any country (Region Free).

The world was shocked by a series of environmental disasters, and humanity is on the verge of extinction. The aliens returned with the firm intention of wiping people off the face of the earth and began with one of the most iconic earth cities.
The streets of New York are flooded with alien invaders, and a wave of revived nightmares gradually engulfs the city and its inhabitants. City communications systems are destroyed, buildings are in ruins. You have never seen such a New York. Neither law enforcement organizations, nor the US military machine can cope with the invaders, and everyone who did not have time to escape in time is already dead. To survive in this chaos, you will need technologies that no terrestrial soldier has a clue about. Be sure to buy crisis key 2 at an attractive price.
Crysis 2 is a continuation of the Crysis series from developers from a team called Crytek and the publishing company Electronic Arts, you can buy a Crysis 2 license key in our online store.
The second part, like the first, will delight players graphically and gameplay, it continues the previous parts of the series. The game takes place in New York, three years after the events of the first part, an outbreak of an unknown virus takes place in the city, and now fighters of elite units will try to maintain order here.
The main character of Crysis 2 will be a marine nicknamed Alcatraz, he is just a simple soldier who is sent to battle with the unknown. There, in New York, misfortune happens, as a result, the main character receives a nanosuit from the hero of the first part - “The Prophet”.
You can buy Crysis 2 in our online store, after which you can immediately begin the battle for New York in this game.
Key activation (ORIGIN Client):
1. Download, install and / or launch Origin.
2. Register a new account or log into an existing one.
3. Go to the “Origin” menu -> “Activate product code” and enter the code received after payment.
4. The game will be available in the "MY GAMES" tab, download, install and enjoy!

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