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Inspired by the adventure and imagination that we love from classic science-fiction, No Man´s Sky presents you with a galaxy to explore, filled with unique planets and lifeforms, and constant danger and action.

In No Man´s Sky, every star is the light of a distant sun, each orbited by planets filled with life, and you can go to any of them you choose. Fly smoothly from deep space to planetary surfaces, with no loading screens, and no limits. In this infinite procedurally generated universe, you´ll discover places and creatures that no other players have seen before - and perhaps never will again.
05.10.2019 21:36:11
Все отлично. Работает.
03.10.2019 15:02:12
Быстро оперативно понятно
12.09.2019 17:51:17
Спасибо. Активировал все без проблем. Разница в цене с оф. стором заметная (2к).
31.08.2019 19:04:03
Спасибо, ключ рабочий!
31.08.2019 18:01:29
Боялся,но все хорошо,очень рад,спасибо
15.08.2019 10:11:07
Спасибо, все ок!
13.08.2019 16:48:04
Сомневался. Но все супер

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