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You buy the official activation key DLC YELLOW TURBAN REBELLION. After the first purchase you receive a discount on all subsequent purchases of our products.

The key of the game you receive is right after the payment in the window that opens after the payment is made, and a link to the page with the key will be sent to your email address indicated at the time of purchase.attentionATTENTION: To activate the DLC YELLOW TURBAN REBELLION you need to have the basic game TOTAL WAR THREE KINGDOMS. </ attention>

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Language: Russian, English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Czech, Korean, Polish, Chinese, Turkish
Platform: PC
Activation: Steam
Region of activation: Russia, Ukraine and CIS

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Game features:

• A new culture available to players: revive the Yellow Armband movement, lead their struggle against the corrupt Han dynasty, and bring closer the onset of the Epoch of Great World.
• Three new warlords: He Yi, Gong Du, and Huang Shao.
• Three new classes of heroes: healer, scientist and veteran.
• A unique and versatile recruitment of troops, formed from representatives of different sectors of society — militia from slaughtered and oppressed populace, disgruntled soldiers, religious fanatics and former civil servants unite in the name of the highest goal.
• A new approach to technological research, based on the study of the Three Treatises on a Great World.
• New character skills based on the three virtues of Taoism - moderation, compassion and humility.
• New weapons and armor for new heroes.
• We are hungry and depressed. We are commoners. We are peasants and soldiers, worthless servants of the Han dynasty. O emperor! We are your people.
• You indulge in idleness in your palace, listening to the false whispers of eunuchs and aristocrats. You fulfill all their whims. You are their puppet. We are dying of hunger, and you raise taxes so that they continue to live in luxury.
• When we rebelled, you destroyed us with millions. And how many innocent people were executed by your servants, who had enough of the slightest suspicion! .. We have no doubt: you have lost the Heavenly Mandate.
• We are hungry and depressed ... But we are many. China rests on our shoulders. We are proud to wear yellow bandages. And we are making great changes.
• The era of the Blue Sky has passed, long live the Yellow Sky!
• In the year of Jiazi, we will return to the heavenly prosperity!


GIFT - STEAM game and its receipt:


- One of three buyers in a random order, who left a positive review after purchasing the game, can get the activation key of the gift game. What exactly do you know after receiving the key.
- To receive a gift, you must leave a positive review and add a request for receiving a gift to it (Keys are sent approximately within 48 hours from the time of writing the review).
- The gift will be received by one of the three willing, but not absolutely everything.
- After writing a positive review, you automatically agree to the above conditions.

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Key activation:

1. You need to download and install Steam (if not already installed)
2. Register a new account on Steam or go to an existing one.
3. Go to the "My Games" section and select "Activate via Steam" and enter the key received immediately after the payment.
4. After activation, the game will appear in the list of games and you can download it from steam.
08.06.2019 22:30:16
Все хорошо, жду подарок
07.06.2019 9:40:20
so fast!
thank you! i want gift!
05.06.2019 10:32:20
i got the key right after paid. It was really good deal and i am satisfied.
01.06.2019 19:31:33
Всё гуд.Хочу подарок
31.05.2019 12:50:37

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