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This service involves 250 retweets of your Twitter posts!

Service advantage? 😏 One of the best ways to promote any product, brand or service on the social network Twitter. The more retweets, the more popular your post!👌

Average execution speed: 15 — 60 retweets per day.

I suggest:

1. 250 retweets of your Twitter posts from artists from around the world;

2. It is possible to distribute 250 retweets to 10 posts for one order;

3. After the order, retweets of the specified tweet will appear on the users´ walls, thus, followers and guests of the users who made them will see your tweet.

My other goods and services are — https://plati.ru/seller/aleksandr-korotkiy/550650?lang=en-US


— Users who will retweet your posts from around the world;

— For your account it will be absolutely safe;

— For the duration of this service, do not order retweets in other places in order to avoid misunderstandings;

— By ordering this service, you confirm that you agree with the services described in this product.

Please remember to add the service to your bookmarks — in this case it will always be available for you, despite the queues or restrictions.

P.S. Perhaps a small portion of retweets may be written off. Usually no more than 5% — 15%. Always checkout with a stock!
Give a link to your tweet on Twitter to which you want to add retweets. You can specify no more than 10 links per order. If you have several tweets, then the number of retweets will be proportionally distributed between them.

— How to copy a link to a tweet: on the page with your tweet in the upper right corner, click on the "More" button in the form of an arrow pointing down and in the drop-down menu, select "Copy link to tweet"

— Attention: Your profile must be open to the job!
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