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After payment you will instantly receive a code for Fabarm XLR5 Prestige (1 day).This shotgun is considered to be a modern weapon that has gathered all the innovative technologies. Two slots are available for him with the entire assortment of modules for the medic, so you can easily configure weapons for any type of game. He also has in his assortment of modules a unique 1.2-fold Leupold Deltapoint collimator sight, which increases accuracy, reduces recoil and gives a quick entry into aiming mode. The shotgun has the ability to recharge one cartridge.
• Great damage.
• Good range.
• Good rate of fire.
• Easily controlled recoil.
• Two modification slots with the entire range of modules for the medic.
• Unique Leupold Deltapoint Collimator Sight.
• Luxurious appearance.
• Slow reloading on a cartridge.
More information about this weapon can be found here:
1. If you are not registered in the game, then first sign up.
2. To activate the code in the game, follow the link:
3. Enter the code in the field for codes and click the "Activate" button.
If you have any difficulties and questions during the activation process, then let me know in any convenient way. I will definitely try to help you as soon as possible./delivery
There is a large assortment of pin codes for the game Warface. Unfortunately, due to the fact that the codes have now been reduced to just 24 hours, it has become physically impossible to update them all every day. If you are interested in any products that are not on sale, write to me about it. I will definitely try to add them to the assortment.
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