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Don´t Starve Together is an autonomous multiplayer expansion of the uncompromising game of survival in the desert "Don´t Starve". Here, as in the original, you have to survive in the most severe conditions. The only difference is that you can survive not alone, but with friends. Playing with other players, the game takes on a completely different colors, because surviving, you can destroy your friends, create alliances or set different pitfalls. The world of "Don´t Starve" is completely transformed, because there were living people who act not typically and therefore the game becomes more interesting. In terms of graphics, "Together" has changed nothing, all the same unusually drawn graphics. Survive, explore the world, look for allies, destroy real players for profit, set traps and, of course, beware of the insidious plans of other players. In case of death, the player goes to the world of spirits, from which he can continue to watch the game of the remaining players.
The buyer who left a positive feedback after purchasing the game will receive a gift on his Email in the form of activation key for Steam! The keys are distributed within 24 hours of the time of writing the review.
1. You must download and install Steam (if not already installed)
2. Enter the LINK received after the purchase into the browser for the transfer. (If you give a friend, then you need to copy the REFERENCE without going over it, and transfer it to a friend)
3. Log in to the site
4. To accept a gift
5. Select - add it to your inventory or to your library. (Not all gifts can be taken in inventory!)
12.08.2020 19:26:10
Все пришло и без задержек, продавцу спасибо)
30.03.2020 19:33:43
27.03.2020 22:06:24
Товар пришел, спасибо.
27.03.2020 21:58:16
Круть, все работает, спасибо!
26.03.2020 21:58:08
26.03.2020 21:58:01
23.03.2020 13:33:30
Ключ получил! Отличный продавец, всем рекомендую!
21.03.2020 16:33:41
Получил гифт, спасибо!)
12.03.2020 3:38:19
спасибо большое, игра активировалась, играем с другом, сервис крутой
12.03.2020 0:23:52
отлично работает спасибо
03.03.2020 19:20:24
Спасибо, все отлично!
29.09.2019 16:16:45
Спасибо, все прекрасно
29.09.2019 16:15:56
Все так как и написано, никаких пререканий
04.05.2019 20:56:44
Всё супер!

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