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Requirements - Level 25 and passed calibration.

Most of the games will be finished with 3+ gold medals.

Competition mode:
Before ordering a competitive rating, you will need to complete 10 calibration matches so that the system can determine your initial rating.
In the game there is a division of the rating by its quality - Bronze (1-1499), Silver (1500-1999), Gold (2000-2499), Platinum (2500-2999), Diamond (3000-3499), Master (3500-3999) , Elite (4000+), and the top 500 players.
At the end of the season, a reward is awarded in the form of points that are necessary to buy gold weapons given your current rating, the higher it is the more you get points.
During the pumping of the competitive rating for the victories give points that are necessary for the purchase of gold weapons.
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