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💡By buying this product you MOMENTALLY get 100% LICENSE activation key of Minecraft Windows 10 Edition for Microsoft Store.
The key is issued automatically, immediately after payment, through which it can be activated on your account.

⭐️ Instruction:

1. Minecraft Windows 10 Edition is available ONLY FOR WINDOWS 10!
To use the key, you must upgrade the operating system to Windows 10.

2. To activate the key, click the link - enter the received key after purchase, now you have the activated license.

Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition - an adapted version of the game Minecraft: Pocket Edition for the universal platform Windows 10.
The edition contains features similar to the pocket edition with some differences, and is also available for launch on devices such as HoloLens.

In addition to the features available in the pocket edition, Windows 10 edition supports the ability to play with 7 players simultaneously using Xbox Live, as well as with other pocket players through Pocket Realms, or local multiplayer starting with an update that was released shortly after the main release of Beta versions.

In connection with the frequent cases of attempts to deceive the buyers, I URGENTLY recommend you to record the video FROM THE BEGINNING OF THE PURCHASE OF THE PRODUCT TO THE FULL ITS CHECK!
In the absence of this video on the part of the buyer, CLAIMS WILL NOT BE TAKEN!
Purchase terms:
✅ The key you receive immediately after payment!
✅ All the activation operations are performed by the buyer.
✅ After buying the key, its further destiny is completely on your shoulders. We can not control your actions.
✅ If the key you bought is not working, then immediately (within 15 minutes) we write a message through the form "Correspondence with the seller" (available after payment for the goods). Not to be confused with the form of REVIEW!
✅ Refunds or replacement of a key is possible only if VIDEO PROOF is provided (the video must contain a record from the moment of payment of the goods and until the key is entered)
✅ If you leave a negative feedback immediately after the purchase without first contacting the seller, the seller will take action.

⭐ If you do not agree with at least one of the items, please refrain from buying. Thank you!
19.06.2018 10:40:03
все обсалютно честно!
24.03.2018 8:50:30
ключ валидный
22.03.2018 13:25:24
Всё хорошо
20.03.2018 4:31:03
20.03.2018 4:30:58
20.03.2018 0:26:54
17.03.2018 15:32:27
Ключ получил
К нему претензий нет
Все прекрасно работает

Советую этого продовца
16.03.2018 1:21:18
Ключ активировал сразу. Подошел
06.03.2018 23:49:04
все отлично

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