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The second part of the video course on laptop repair from PC-Expert channel (
First part:
The course described tells you what actions you need to take when this or that breakdown.
1) The laptop does not turn on
2) No initialization
3) Initialization is, but there is no image or it is distorted
4) There is an image, but no backlight
5) The keyboard / touchpad does not work
6) Incorrect operation of the cooling system
7) USB does not work
8) The battery is not charged
9) Problems with sound
10) RST signals on the board
11) How to repair a circuit board without a circuit
12) Repair of filled equipment
13) Cutting dumps of the bios

The total duration of the course is slightly less than 2 hours.
The course is protected by the InfoProtector system, and is designed to run on a PC, on tablets and phones it does not work. One key is given 5 activations.
Link for download:
03.06.2018 13:43:09
Хороший відеокурс. Всім рекомендую!!!!
21.04.2018 22:16:54
Спасибо за отличный контент!
31.03.2018 0:03:17
Отличный видео-курс, всем советую!
30.03.2018 23:00:02
Благодарю вас! Привет из Литвы от подписчика.
17.03.2018 11:24:21
Спасибо опытному мастеру.

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