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Uploaded: 01.08.2020

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By purchasing the game you confirm that the COUNTRY AND CURRENCY OF THE STORE are RUSSIA! (Not personal information, but in the store setting).
For the use of the activation method with VPN, we are not responsible.
The game is forever associated with your Steam account and you can download it anywhere and anytime.

Includes an additional copy of the game Don´t Starve Together for a friend (issued to the inventory after the game is activated in the library).

Welcome to the world that will become your prison!

Do not be angry with demonic forces, capable of sending you into a horrific world, populated by thousands of strange creatures that the world has not seen! Take the risk and decide to buy Don´t Starve Together and relive all the difficulties with your friends! Either way, you have to take care of your stomach first, so remember the first and most important rule - DO NOT STARRY! You will learn this rule very well, without censure. And in this you will help the first and main character of the game - Wilson. He is a learned gentleman, doomed to survive in a cruel world, which contains many surprises. In addition, Wilson is not the only hero, since you will have a chance to get acquainted with the rest in the process.

Explore! Survive! Build it! Do not play with fire! And most importantly - Do not starve!
If you have any questions, please contact us online, we work every day! </ delivery>Each customer who left a positive feedback with the mark "I want a gift" will receive a random game key within 24 hours. </ attention>

Instructions for obtaining and activating Steam Gift:
1. Download and install the Steam client -
2. Register a new account or go under an existing one.
3. Copy the link to your Steam profile in the specified field when buying the game. the link should look like******/
4. Wait for the invitation to the friends from the seller and take it.
5. If you receive a notice of sending you a gift, take it and report your code.
6. After adding to the library, start downloading the game files and wait for the full load.
7. Enjoy the game!
15.06.2020 16:25:11
Быстро и удобно. Всё прекрасно, доволен покупкой на все 100%
11.06.2020 23:17:33
Казалось бы, почему не взять. Даже долго ждать не нужно было, всё быстро и качественно! Хочу подарок)
03.06.2020 11:26:44
Всё пришло быстро и качественно. Хороший продавец)
01.06.2020 13:58:36
Продавец сразу отправил товар,всё хорошо
24.05.2020 22:01:44
Сработано быстро, доставлено чётко, моё уважение продавцу. Хочу подарок!
16.05.2020 13:36:55
Пришло сразу, отзывчивый продавец)
08.05.2020 12:39:40
Очень быстро продавец отправил гифты, все пришло
11.04.2020 16:40:45
Быстро. Спасибо за покупку.
01.11.2019 11:15:02
Очень оперативно, спасибо
28.05.2019 16:51:43
Купил, в течение 15 минут получил гифт, благодарю
27.05.2019 10:11:24
Всё хорошо! Адекватный продавец!
26.05.2019 13:48:01
Очень быстро всё сделал. Хочу подарок.
25.05.2019 22:04:14
Все быстро и четко
05.04.2019 1:50:52
Все отлично,но долго)
03.04.2019 15:53:58
все в порядке, вопрос решен
23.01.2019 14:20:35
Всё отлично, продавец быстро написал и отправил игру, рекомендую
10.11.2018 18:42:28
Все прошло хорошо и быстро.
10.11.2018 15:33:34
Спасибо, хочу подарок)
14.10.2018 16:46:57
Игру получил. При активации получил вторую копию для друга. Спасибо продавцу
06.09.2018 17:01:53
Очень быстро. Спасибо!

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