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After payment of the order, the system automatically (without our participation) will instantly send you a link to download the license activation key for the game: PLAYERUNKNOWN´S BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG)
The game is activated only in the account XBOX ONE! (not activated in Uplay, Steam or Origin)

Activation: Xbox One
Language: Russian, Chinese, German, Spanish, French, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portugese, English
Region: Region free

Key features

PLAYERUNKNOWN´S BATTLEGROUNDS is a multiplayer third-person shooter pitting the players against each other in huge, 100-player battles waged on a massive island. Fight against time and other players as the playable area shrinks at regular intervals. Can you stay afloat in the resulting frantic struggle for survival?


    100 players on one map - the battle royale in PUBG can easily support even 100 players, no problem

    17 weapons - everyone can find something for their playstyle. There are even melee weapons for CQC enthusiasts

    35 modifications - upgrade your weapon with attachments discovered on the map. Sights, magazines, and more await you!

    Massive, varied map - fight on a 8x8 km map, with forests, villages and even a military base. Where will the final stand take place?

    Shrinking area of ​​operations - at regular intervals the playable area shrinks, adding time pressure to the gameplay
- Enter the code from your console or log in at
21.05.2018 23:02:48
19.05.2018 20:54:42
18.05.2018 15:43:17
Код пришел мгновенно, все быстро и чётко. Продавцу спасибо
10.05.2018 17:26:02
Все отлично!
10.05.2018 0:51:14
28.03.2018 20:48:51
Спасибо все быстро и качественно советую
23.03.2018 20:20:10
Все хорошого!пару минут и ключ у Вас:)!
23.03.2018 17:54:23
Отлично! 5 минут и код у меня.
18.03.2018 12:13:31
Все ок
07.03.2018 8:33:00
Все супер, уже играю! Код на игру пришел мгновенно. Советую !
15.02.2018 13:53:01
Всё замечательно!

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