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The protagonist of the book wants to become successful in this life. All his attempts prove to be futile and he returns to where he began, more and more losing faith in the success of his intentions. This is so long as the book of algorithmic psychology does not fall into his hands.
   Algorithmic psychology is written for people who make plans for a new life. Algorithmic psychology is a system explaining the process of information processing coming from reality, and on the basis of this information, the construction of the mental activity of man (individual reality).
 The author decided to please the reader in an indivisible form of writing, it was made to convey the hidden meaning that will gradually open to the reader in this form of filing of the text, an indissoluble line of stories and meaning.
The book was written for 2 years. Specially developed a psycho-psychic system. A deep drama of personal character. Especially useful for psychologists, both professional and amateur.
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