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Title: Civilization VI - Vikings Scenario Pack
Genre: Strategy
Developer: Firaxis, Aspyr (Mac, Linux)
Publisher: 2K, Aspyr (Mac, Linux)
Release date: Dec 21. 2016

Become the leader of the Vikings and unite the whole of Europe under his domineering hand in the most detailed scenario for the game Sid Meier´s Civilization® VI. The set of "Vikings" also includes three new natural wonders and six new city-states, two of which give new improvements.

Six new city-states:

Oakland (industrial center) - increases production on coastal cells.
Antananarivo (cultural center) - gives an increase to the culture, which increases with every great person.
Arma (religious center) - you can build a monastery that gives you points of faith and heals religious units.
Granada (military center) - you can build an alcazar, which gives points of culture and protection to military units.
Muscat (shopping center) - increases the contentment in cities with a commercial center.
Palenque (the scientific center) - accelerates the growth of cities in which there is a campus.

Go to the Dark Ages and become a great ruler in the script "Vikings, merchants and invaders!":

The limit of 100 moves (from 787 to 1087).
Play for King of Norway Harald Surovoy, King of Denmark Knud the Great or for the King of Sweden Olaf Schetkonung.
Attack England from the sea, subjugate Paris, become the discoverer of Winland or go through Gibraltar and seize the rich prey in the Mediterranean.
Create a trading empire and profit from cities, or spread religion and strengthen the faith of your people.
The set includes additional visualization of rulers.

* Install the Steam client - (if not installed);
* Log into your Steam account or create a new one;
* In the Steam client at the bottom left, find "ADD GAME ..." => "Activate via Steam ...";
* Enter the product key to activate it.
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