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10. Using Bernoulli´s equation for solving problems of fire practices. 18. Explain the concept of "smooth" and "rough" surface. Can one and the same pipe to be "hydraulically smooth" and the "hydraulically rough" and in what cases? 26. What causes water hammer? How to calculate the value of pressure in the pipeline when this phenomenon? Give examples of occurrence of hydraulic shock in the operation of fire equipment. Objective 2 to Determine the absolute and excess hydrostatic pressure at point A at a depth h = 0,19 from the piston, if the piston diameter of 150mm impact strength P = 0.2 kN, atmospheric pressure Pa = 0.1 MPa Objective 7 to Determine the head loss and pressure loss due to friction during the flow of water through a tube made of M - steel, diameter d = 80mm, of length L = 5 m. the water Speed V = 2.5 m/s. Temperature . Task 10 through the pipe of diameter d = 40mm and length L = 100m is pumped water with a flow rate of Q = 2l/s. Determine the pressure P2 in the cross section 2-2,
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