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"English jokingly" includes about two hundred British and American jokes, the text of which was not subjected to any simplification and therefore contains a large number of commonly used vocabulary and lots of conversational turns of modern English.
The book is adapted to mastering the language as follows: each anecdote is repeated twice: first is the English text with the "tips" - embedded in it to the literal Russian translation and lexical and grammatical commentary (ie adapted), and then - the same text, but unadapted without prompting.

Beginners can learn English at the same time to read the first text prompts, and then the same anecdote - without prompting. Improve your English can do the opposite: to read the text without prompting, as appropriate peeping in tips.

Memorizing words and expressions occur at the same time due to their frequency, without cramming. In addition, the reader accustomed to the logic of the English language, it begins to "feel".

This book will save you from the stress of the first stage of language acquisition - from mechanical search of every word in the dictionary and fruitless guessing what it all means the same phrase all the words that you have already found.

The book is intended for adult readers.

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