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$300 the discount is 10%
$500 the discount is 13%
$1000 the discount is 15%
Buying this product immediately after payment, you will get a access and control of the Minectaft account. (
Only trusted and reliable accounts are offered for sale.
Please, if you have any problems with the goods - do not leave negative feedback, but write to us in personal correspondence. We will definitely solve your problem.
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Game description:
Minecraft is an unusual game, the world of which consists of blocks with different characteristics and textures. It combines the elements of the "sandbox" with the ability to create. And you can create everything here that the soul will like, from the available blocks, which in the game there are more than one hundred types. At the moment, Minecraft has three modes: creative, hardcore and survival.
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Minecraft Premium:
• Premium for Minecraft allows you to play on Premium servers
• Premium is needed in order to get a full licensed version of Minecraft
• At death, inventory is not emptied
• The ability to go to the server, even if it is full
After the purchase you get the data to enter the site (no access to the mail)
Mail on account can not be changed
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What does our guarantee provide?
• Lifetime warranty for the replacement of not a work item, but not only in the first 30 minutes after purchase
• Constant support and assistance on any issues regardless of the prescription of the purchase.
• In case of any problems, you can always count on a replacement as soon as possible.
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If you do not agree with the rules described above - please do not buy the goods.
27.09.2018 20:51:46
Все хорошо продавец все сделал правильно
15.09.2018 21:50:39
21.02.2018 18:05:42
Продавец вообще красава покупайте только у него круто всем советую
19.02.2018 19:46:42
19.02.2018 16:05:04
Исправились, все работает.
15.02.2018 23:06:13
Все ок!
15.02.2018 23:06:09
Все ок!
14.02.2018 21:21:50
все работает, спасибо)
12.02.2018 17:45:37
Всё отлично! заменили почти сразу, но я доволен отзывчивостью продавца!
04.02.2018 16:20:10
Афигеть я купил у них все товары майнкрафта с гарантией я в шоке топово все заменят если не робит покупайте!!!! Посоветую товар их с почтой!
25.01.2018 15:35:16
???? супер)
22.01.2018 15:12:33
Good Shop
22.01.2018 9:33:05
15.01.2018 20:36:00
The seller gave me an working account, everything works great thanks! :)
14.01.2018 20:29:56
Спасибо этому продавцу поменял аккаун без проблем советую покупать тут
10.01.2018 23:39:17
Продавец общительный, сначала попался заблокированный аккаунт, а после продавец поменял!
08.01.2018 18:47:18
Купил аккаунт все норм!
08.01.2018 15:36:50
хороший продавец
07.01.2018 17:00:25
Работает вернули
06.01.2018 15:15:45
nice man

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