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The account will be delivered instantly, find it in the "Paid goods" field.
Immediately after payment you will receive the details to enter the licensed Minecraft account - Login and Password from Mail and Account! + Answer to a secret question!
Only trusted and reliable accounts are offered for sale.
You get a personal MAIL of to which the Mojang account is attached.
On accounts there is an opportunity of installation of the secret question, change nickname, a skin and the password.
To perform all operations, go to
For each Minecraft Premium account, a new mail has been registered, which can be left or
lock your own after the period of temporary blocking by the mojang security system of your IP-address - for 30 days or more, you can not change the mail more often, the mojang security system also temporarily blocks it, as when changing the IP address of the PC. We recommend that you leave this mail, first secure it as much as possible (bind your phone, change the secret, passwords, etc.).
Questions "when can I change mail?" do not ask, each individually, from the seller does not depend. You are provided with a clean, only registered mail, use.
Mail for which you want to change should not be registered on the site, as well as
Immediately after the payment you will receive a full access and control of the Minectaft account for good.
Requisites for logging into a licensed Minecraft account - login and password (E-mail / pass) + access to E-mail (login / pass) + Username. Answers to secret questions, you can install yourself.
Minecraft Premium:
• Premium for Minecraft gives you the ability to set yourself skin
• Premium for Minecraft allows you to play on Premium servers
• Premium is needed in order to get a full licensed version of Minecraft
• At death, inventory is not emptied
• The ability to go to the server, even if it is full
deliveryDear Customers! In order to avoid misunderstanding, from now on, it is necessary to record the fact of purchase of the goods on the video before the moment of entering the mail / account on the given data. Complaints of buyers concerning incorrect data will be considered only if the buyer provides a video in which the purchase of goods and an attempt to enter the purchased data will be imprinted. These rules apply to everyone. The seller reserves the right to refuse support without providing this video. </ Delivery>
26.02.2018 20:41:38
good seller
25.02.2018 16:46:31
Все хорошо просто не могу поменять почту,вылазит ошибка
25.02.2018 15:32:32
Всё отлично, все правильно и точ в точ всё правильно как указано в описании, почта работает, аккаунт чистый. В общем советую. :)
24.02.2018 18:05:22
sorry account does not enter
24.02.2018 13:51:11
Хорошая лицуха
21.02.2018 1:19:54
Account not working anymore

Got new Account Really friendly Support! :)
19.02.2018 15:21:50
Хороший продавец, аккаунт рабочий.
19.02.2018 14:52:05
Всё работает. Идеально.
30.01.2018 19:45:26
Все отлично. Если доступ пропадет - будут писать продавцу
23.01.2018 12:00:26
ok good
20.01.2018 19:33:51
Очень благодарен. Вначале возникли проблемы, но продавец помог их решить. Берите, не пожалеете.
15.01.2018 6:47:41
Продавец помог с товаром, покупайте, не пожалеете
14.01.2018 17:07:43
nice seller
08.01.2018 15:45:54
Спасибо, всё работает.
07.01.2018 17:35:51
07.01.2018 2:33:00
good seller
06.01.2018 22:02:16
Акаунт дали действительный , с игрой . Почта тоже подходит все нормально .Спасибо
04.01.2018 19:37:40
Всё работает всё хорошо(даже скинул цену ради меня )
всем советую тут покупать
02.01.2018 22:21:47
Спасибо за за товар
19.12.2017 17:18:08

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