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Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition — the adapted version of the game Minecraft: Pocket Edition for the universal Windows 10 platform.
The edition contains the opportunities similar to the pocket edition with some differences, and also is available to start on such devices as HoloLens.

In addition to the opportunities which are present at the pocket edition, Windows 10 the edition supports an opportunity to play with 7 players along with Xbox Live help, and also with other players of the pocket edition through Pocket Realms, or on a local multiplayer since the update released soon after the main release of the Beta-version.

Right after payment you instantly receive a license key of Minecraft for Windows 10 (Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition)

The key is received in the legal way and further you will never have problems

For activation of a key you need to satisfy several conditions:

1. Any Windows 10 version has to be installed
2. Store Windows application in Windows 10 has to work

For activation of a key you need to follow the link and there to enter the key received after payment
After that at you there will take place activation of your key. We congratulate

Further you should pass into Windows shop (Windows Store) and to load a game. With it problems at you won´t arise.
After loading of a game you can fully enjoy a game in Minecraft world

If there was a problem - don´t hurry to leave a negative comment! As a rule, this misunderstanding is solved very quickly by the address to personal correspondence with the seller
16.08.2018 1:02:48
Супер! Ключ работает.
02.07.2018 23:12:11
Пришел активированный ключ, без проблем поменяли. все ок
30.06.2018 14:12:44
покупайте всё надёжно если даже попадется не работающий тебе его поменяют
25.06.2018 11:23:59
Кидалово, пришел активированный ключ
19.04.2018 12:04:01
Отзывчивый, хороший продавец и главное не обман. Советую
14.04.2018 16:05:40
Ключ не проходит активацию!!!
14.04.2018 13:11:13
Cпасибо сэкономил МНОГО денег
31.03.2018 0:04:14
Можно без сомнений покупать аккаунты
Я купил один аккаунт и один ключ
Ключ был использован но мне дали другой без проблем!
26.02.2018 15:27:57
ключь не работает!
31.01.2018 14:37:01
код уже был использован.

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