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Release date: April 12, 2016.
Age rating: 16+
Publisher: BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment
Publisher of the Russian Federation:
Localization: Russian (interface and subtitles)
Activation system: Steam
Regional restrictions - Russia, Ukraine
Game worlds meet us with bright colors, unusual heroes, magic, gloomy charm of reigning horror and a bunch of other things that are so lacking in everyday life. They can relax, admire the beauty of landscapes, fight with unknown monsters or nightmares of sick imagination. And you can just die. And then die again. And, resurrected, immediately perish at the hands of another enemy, zazevavshis for a split second. After all, this is DARK SOULS III and it has its own rules.

The continuation of the sensational saga turned out to be even better than what its fans expected. The game not only did not lose its original charm, but also played with new colors, deducing the destruction of the player in the absolute. Do you think you are ready for the coming trials? The oppressive world of ruins, covered with ashes, is calling you to yourself, beckoning with promises of real adventures? Check it easy - buy DARK SOULS III and plunge into the atmosphere of charming gloomy despair. Somewhere there is a spark of hope, the last coals try to disperse the surrounding darkness a little, but their light is enough only to designate a landmark on the path of the only one who can return Fire to its former strength - you.

Dark Soulz 3 does not forgive mistakes, does not give second and third chances. Everything is trivial and simple, just like in real life. You have to pay for mistakes. And given the specifics of the world in which you find yourself, any wrong movement in the battle can send you to the point of revival. Naturally, without saving the accumulated experience and other usefulness. Yes, in DARK SOULS III there is a certain chance to return everything, but very illusive. Who knows, perhaps, after that turn on the left, if you go to the wall a meter closer, another monster hides, which will interrupt your journey still at the initial stage of studying the level.

The game collected several dozen awards and was called once the best in 2015. What is not the incentive to buy DARK SOULS III for PC and check on personal experience, for which the project received such high marks from players and venerable critics. Especially since the introduction to the series can begin immediately with this part, regardless of whether you previously wandered through the locations of the universe DARK SOUL.

The series became almost the standard of realistic and complex role-playing games, which prompted many gamers to buy DARK SOULS III. After all, these are real tests and testing skills. Distractions and frivolous attitude to opponents here will not work. Even a relatively harmless monster can make you go to see the beauty of the nearby cemetery. To put on good armor and with a smile to scatter crowds of opponents, making their way into the lair of the final boss, in Dark Souls 3, alas, will not work. As it would be in real life, the quantity would easily exceed the quality, cutting off the "heroic" campaign at the very first stage.

For all its complexity, the game bribes with its honesty. You do not need to do something impossible, but you will have to make maximum efforts to implement it. It will make the game process in DARK SOULS III slightly easier to search for various secret paths and rooms with useful things and treasures, but who will guarantee that there will not be a couple of not very friendly residents waiting there?

Dark Souls 3 is a story about a gloomy, but beautiful in its withering world, in which you will spend many amazing hours. But even here there are surprises. If you buy DARK SOULS III, then you can try and multiplayer mode, which takes the game to a completely different level. Do you find it difficult or boring to fight enemies alone? Call allies from among NP
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- After that the game will be displayed in the list and you can download Dark Souls 3
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Всё отлично
03.07.2017 13:22:37
Спасибо, взял еще одну в подарок. Лучшая цена, дешевле не бывает.
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Большое спасибо ! все ок!
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пришло, ключ активировал

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