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Don´t Starve Together is the online version of the popular Don´t Starve game. Here, as in the original, you have to survive in the most severe conditions. The only difference is that you can survive not alone, but with friends. Playing with other players, the game acquires completely different colors, because surviving, you can destroy your friends, create alliances or set various traps. The world of “Don´t Starve" is completely transformed, because in it there were living people who are not typical and therefore the game becomes more interesting. In terms of graphics, “Together” has not changed, all the same unusually drawn graphics. Survive, explore the world, look for allies, destroy real players for profit, set traps and, of course, beware of the cunning plans of other players. In case of death, the player goes to the world of spirits, from which he can continue to watch the game of the remaining players.

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4. After activation, the game will appear in the list of games and you can download it from steam, and then start playing.
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Nice seller!
18.10.2019 15:19:19
Выдал замену!
20.06.2017 19:29:32
Очень хорошо, пришло все быстро, удобно и К Р А С И В О !

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