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The tickets are almost all school exams in English includes topics

-Why Do people do sport. Your favorite sports. Sports facilities at your school.

-Mass Media. British and Russian press, advertising.

-Environment Protection. Clean machines. Car culture. Our city problems.

-English In the Third Millenium. Why are you learning English.

-Cinema And films. Your preferences.

-Careers. My future career.


-Books. Your preferences.

Ready qualitative responses no Internet or in numerous collections. All that can be found - the elementary compositions that can still respond in 6-7 grades, but for 9, 10, 11 classes this often enough even at four.

We are pleased to offer you quality, guaranteed unmistakable theme. The volume of each is 1 / 2-3 / 2 pages of printed text (Arial, 12), which corresponds to approximately 4-11 pages on average hands handwriting. The level of language, which sets out the tickets corresponds to Upper-Intermediate. Despite this, thanks to the clear structure of the text is available to any student with the usual level of proficiency (Intermediate) - ie ideal for an answer on the exam in the specialized and, especially, in a normal school.
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