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Having made the payment, you will without delay receive the Minecraft key for Windows 10. Minecraft Windows 10 Edition is a computer project that represents one of the latest versions of the well-known and famous Minecraft sandbox. In fact, this is an adapted version of the notorious voxel sandbox for the Windows 10 operating system. The main innovation of the sandbox will be the ability to play using a gamepad or joystick.

📌 Important product information:
1. The store provides access to the purchase immediately after payment; you do not have to wait a minute to start using the purchase.
2. After the purchase - be sure to activate the key. The warranty on the activation of 30 minutes.
3. The key Minecraft Windows 10 Edition is available for activation only for Windows 10 operating systems.
4. The seller has the right to respond to the message of the buyer within 72 hours, usually the answer is within 12 hours depending on the loading. Please do not leave a bad review before solving the problem.
5. Be sure to record the video purchase. Video recording must begin before the moment of payment and include a FULL check of the received goods. The video should show the system time of your computer. Buyer’s complaint about non-working data will be considered only if there is video recording, otherwise the store reserves the right to refuse support to the buyer. Claims and replacements only with the provision of video recording of the purchase and verification of the data obtained. The recommended program for recording is and for downloading it is

📌How to play:
1. To activate the key, you must have Windows 10 operating system on the device, if you have an earlier version, you can upgrade it -
2. We go and log in with your Microsoft account -
3. Enter the received key after the purchase; now you have the licensed game Minecraft Windows 10 Edition.

📌 Frequently asked questions and answers -
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📌Minecraft accounts
Account Minecraft with license -
Account Minecraft with full access -
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Account Minecraft with a raincoat -
11.03.2019 14:14:02
Ключ подошел, Спасибо!
Подарки не дают(
01.02.2019 22:08:47
Скажу честно, сначала ключ оказался кем-то использованным, но потом продавец поменял ключ на работающий. Всем доволен.
29.11.2018 22:22:49
Ключ оказался использованным!
Но после обращения к продавцу, ключ поменяли, и он был успешно активирован.
19.09.2018 15:42:56
Спасибо, ключ активный
26.08.2018 16:08:27
23.05.2018 10:05:36 подари Подарок
24.02.2018 16:19:11
09.12.2017 20:58:50
Купил два ключа и ни один из них не оказался рабочим. Впрочем продавец на отзыв отреагировал, сославшись на инструкцию о записи видео процесса оплаты, которую я читал до первой покупки, но не подозревал что из двух покупок каждая может оказаться пустышкой. Отрицательную оценку сменю на положительную, мне от этого ни холодно ни жарко, но кому влом выкидывать на ветер мелкие деньги имейте ввиду возможность покупки использованного ключа.
30.10.2017 0:04:01
Попался активный ключ, всем доволен, советую!

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