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Immediately after payment you receive an activation key for Lego Worlds.
The key you will receive in your personal account http: // Also the link to the page with the key will come to your e-mail specified at purchase
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Language: Russian, English, Spanish, French, German
Platform: PC
Activation: Steam
Regional Restrictions: The Whole World

* Description of the game *

DLC Includes:

EXPLORE the giant landscapes filled with mini-figures, wandering creatures and powerful vehicles. OPEN secrets, find treasures and enjoy endless surprises. CREATE ALL YOURSELF

LEGO® Worlds is a collection of worlds made entirely from LEGO blocks. All worlds can be freely changed and populated by models from LEGO. Create everything that comes to mind: you can build one block or with the help of large-scale landscape tools that will allow you to make whole mountain ranges or dot the world with tropical islands. The world can be decorated to your taste, placing there ready-made buildings, as well as to explore it in a helicopter, a dragon, a motorcycle or even a gorilla. As you play, you will find countless treasures that will be useful in construction, and creatures created by you will come to life and communicate with you and each other. In the worlds of LEGO everything is possible !.

Explore the full surprises of the worlds of LEGO
• Find treasures in a multitude of worlds, from ridiculous to fantastic.
• Revitalize your own worlds, populating them with mutable characters, both good and evil.
• Drive, fly, rush and ride various vehicles and creatures, from excavators and helicopters to horses and dragons.

Create and decorate your own world from LEGO
• Think up the world and build it with the help of an editor, where you can build one block or use the finished LEGO buildings.
• Change the terrain: with a multi-tool it´s very easy and fast.
• Create characters in different outfits and with different traits.
• Play some LEGO sets from the real world, from classical to modern!
• Save and export everything you have done, then again to play with your creatures.

Expand your world LEGO
• In the future, it is planned to add new game materials, functions and LEGO kits to the game.

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11.02.2019 1:50:16
Ключ пришел сразу же, спасибо продавцу.
26.01.2019 11:43:20
Всё супер! Спасибо продавцу!
Хочу подарок
11.01.2019 12:54:25
купил для иностранного друга, всё заработало, спасибо.
28.12.2018 21:14:03
Всё работает)
13.11.2018 17:16:21
отличное обслуживание!!!
11.11.2018 13:58:35
29.09.2018 20:39:15
Все пришло быстро, спасибо!
27.09.2018 19:46:40
Спасибо, хочу подарок!
24.09.2018 13:28:24
Всё поставилось, всё работает
02.09.2018 18:33:41
все хорошо, активировал за пределами СНГ, хотелось бы подарок
10.08.2018 20:51:33
Всё просто чудесно.
31.07.2018 18:02:12
Все пришло мгновенно. Спасибо продавцу за хорошую цену.(запрос на подарок/скидку)
29.07.2018 19:55:04
28.07.2018 18:01:27
ОЧЕНЬ быстро, спасибо =)
27.07.2018 8:31:35
Всё замечательно
29.06.2018 21:00:25
Игру активировал , всё хорошо. Хочу подарок.
25.05.2018 19:58:39
все пришло
05.05.2018 18:59:29
Хочу подарок
28.04.2018 17:46:47
Ключ работает, все классно.
05.10.2017 19:43:53
все хорошо, хочу подарок!

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