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Loyalty discount! If the total amount of your purchases from the seller more than:

$30 the discount is 1%
$75 the discount is 2%
$150 the discount is 3%
$225 the discount is 4%
$300 the discount is 5%
$450 the discount is 6%
$600 the discount is 7%
$850 the discount is 8%
$1150 the discount is 9%
$1500 the discount is 10%
Skillful perfomance of the order with high statistics and in a short time!
While performing the order we can do missions, take aces and marks!You can specify the time in which we will carry out pumping when ordering.
We do not use bots and illegal fashion, all pumping only the hands of our drivers. </ Delivery>It is necessary for the service:
- Tank Level 1-10
- You must be a premium account is active.
- For 60%+\WN8 3000+\WN8 2500+ + tank should be in top configuration with modules and crew 1+ full perks (lamp studied at 100%).
- Possibility to install two or three modules in the range of the driver (the presence of the necessary equipment and 30 gold). (Rammer, drives \ stabilizer fan \ optics).
- Ability to re-train the crew on the choice of the driver (the presence of silver or gold). (Repairs).
- Bleed the basic skill 100%
</ Attention>We guarantee:
- Farm right amount of experience. Farm of 50 000 and more experience in the day.
- The percentage of victories
- WN8 on technique and total - Play with the 2000 - 4000 average WN8 for battle tanks for the fully loaded (at least 1 full perk + 3 modules).
- If possible, improve \ LBZ perform for the selected class technology </ delivery>.

Selected items include myself farm experience. It is advisable before ordering contact your operator for further details on request.

Dear users.RISKS: Provision of services for the real money is forbidden in most games, including World of Tanks. Buying game currency, items or services, you agree to violate a user agreement with the developer / owner of the game and can incur punishment for it. For our part we are doing everything possible that would not have occurred in 99% of cases, we can do it. </ Attention>DeliveryProcessing Time: Delivery Department is open from 8:00 to 22:00 MSK.! Important. If you have issued and paid the order after 22.00, remember, your order will be the first in line in the morning, as soon as we will continue to work, it will be processed and given to you.
Run time: Lead Division works with 8 to 24 for MSK. Important. If you wish to place an order for execution at a different time, pre-contact with the operator.
We guarantee quality of service, if the service is not performed in the agreed framework - make repeat order free of charge or a refund </ delivery>.AttentionPlease note that some payment methods require an extra fee to pay. Keep this in mind when making payments. The list of goods contains the "net" price as soon as you select the items for a payment to him immediately added to the commission of a particular method of payment.
For example:
Mobile operators - 10%
Bank cards - 5%.
Lowest commission in Webmoney system. </ Attention>
You are welcome! Leave your comment after purchase, every feedback is very important to us, thank you.
06.12.2018 16:12:15
Fast and efficient!
23.09.2018 17:18:23
Very good service!
17.08.2018 12:06:15
excellent work :))
14.08.2018 15:51:42
excellent job done :)))
14.08.2018 15:51:28
excellent job done :)))
20.06.2018 13:14:55
Great team and excellent results every time.
Fast and quality service, quick response and much more good things you can have :))
18.06.2018 9:13:45
Best service ever :))
14.06.2018 19:17:50
excellent booster and service :)))
14.06.2018 9:54:03
best service :))
11.06.2018 23:09:53
04.06.2018 13:49:17
great work, thank you :))
31.05.2018 11:25:17
good job :))
28.04.2018 18:46:17
Всё Зделали на вышем уровне Буду заказывать еще и тока у вас =)
24.03.2018 19:40:17
Заказал опыт на танк выполнено быстро и качественно спасибо !!! Рекомендую !!!
23.07.2017 21:18:12
17.04.2017 14:07:46
Все отлично. Делал подарок, подарком очень доволен!

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